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Flexible staffing just got smarter

“Our goal is to end youth unemployment,” says Michael Bugaj.

He is the founder of meploy, a flexible staffing platform, and his vision is as bold as it is bright.

“One in five secondary school graduates in Europe leaves school to face unemployment, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are endless businesses out there in need of an on-demand workforce,

for instance to help with an unexpected restaurant booking or to cover when someone is sick or when an extra delivery run is required,

but the agencies they currently rely on aren’t flexible enough. We want to join these dots,” Bugaj explains.

meploy, launched in Denmark a year ago, allows students, Flexible staffing

graduates and freelancers to put themselves and their experience out there for organisations to search for all the temporary staff they need.

Reviews aid the recruitment and in-app invoicing saves time at both ends,

while a fixed hourly rate and a cap at seven tiimo is like a friend on your wrist.

The app gives children with ADHD, autism, Flexible staffing

brain damage and other diagnoses resulting in special needs more structure in their everyday life.

“The smartwatch is a good platform because it accompanies the child throughout the day,

and it vibrates when it’s time for a new activity,” says Melissa Azari, co-founder of tiimo.

“Furthermore, there is a visual countdown ahead of the next activity,

which helps the children understand how much time they have left of the current activity.

This makes them more independent, because they don’t always have to ask an adult.”

Helps the whole family Azari came up with the idea for tiimo together with Helene Lassen Nørlem, while hours per booking prevent salary dumping.

“We want to help – not contribute to exploitation,” Bugaj asserts.

“We need to find solutions for the labour market of the future.

With an increased level of automation, removing more and more jobs, we need to lower the entry barrier and find new ways of earning a living.

We’re in continuous dialogue with trade unions and are doing everything we can to create a safe, solid alternative market.”

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