Developments with land

Developments with land

Minister Radebe admitted that progress on land acquisition for smallholders,

utilisation of newly allocated farms and communal land for production had been slow.

“There are indications that this is partly due to inadequate support services,

prevailing drought conditions and the use of fallow communal land for livestock grazing purposes,” he added.

Government redistributed 354 802 hectares of land, with 217 farms recapitalised, against a target of 390 000ha and 303 farms recapitalised.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform said the under-achievement was due to farms being withdrawn by the sellers

and no longer available for purchase, while it attributed missing its target for farm recapitalisation to an approval process that took longer than anticipated.

Fighting crime While the number of murders continued its upward

trend – up 4.6 per cent in 2014/15 – Minister Radebe said that some gains had been made.

These include a 1.9 per cent increase in the conviction rate of sexual offences in 2014/15 (to 69 per cent of all cases).

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development revealed in its annual report for the past financial year that progress has been made in digitising case files.

Since 2010 more than 5.2 million cases have been digitised. An electronic criminal justice system is targeted for completion by 2018/19.

However, there was a decrease of three per cent in the conviction rate of trio crimes – carjacking, house robbery and business robbery – to 82 per cent.

Police also fell short of meeting their 2014/15 target of having 73.6 per cent of case dockets for serious crimes trial-ready, achieving 63.6 per cent.

Police also missed about a quarter of its targets for the past financial year. Minister Radebe said that some of these challenges were receiving attention Developments with land.

Operation Fiela, an interdepartmental operation aimed at seizing illegal weapons, closing down drug dens and prostitution rings and other illegal activities, is under way, he added.

More support Government is bolstering its monitoring and support efforts to ensure that NDP targets are met.

Minister Radebe said Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) Developments with land

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