Preparing public

Preparing public

Helping create a better trained and prepared public servant is critical

if South Africa is to meet its pressing developmental needs Preparing public.

The National Development Plan (NDP) says a more capable state is key to the country achieving its 2030 targets of reducing poverty and unemployment.

Leading the way is the National School of Government, which came into operation in October 2013, replacing the Public Administration Leadership and Management Academy (Palama).

The school falls under the Department of Public Service and Administration.

In June Professor Richard Levin, the former Director-General of the Public Service Commission became the school’s new principal,

 taking over from former principal Professor Lekoa Mollo after his five-year contract came to an end in April.

Induction training Key among the school’s off erings is the new compulsory induction training and special training for frontline delivery staff .

In the past fi nancial year about 16 000 public servants passed the first of five modules of the induction training programme.

A further 5 000 were trained in the school’s eight-day frontline service delivery programme, which is aimed at those who interact directly with citizens at places such as clinics, Home Aff airs offi ces and government call centres.

Mandisa Tshikwatamba, the school’s Deputy Director-General of Corporate Management, says compulsory induction training is aimed at national and provincial departments.

Each of the five modules runs for five days and carried out over up to two years.

 “The programme is designed such that the learner is given up to 24 months to complete the programme. It’s only the first module that has be completed within six months to a year,” she explains.

The fi rst module covers issues such as the Batho Pele principles, government policies and the Constitution; case studies on the expectations and needs of citizens; the purpose and vision of the state; structure of government,

policy of employment and labour law, probation details, supply chain rules and case studies about the expectation of citizens.

The school had chosen to roll out just the fi rst module so as to guard against capacity issues, as trainers are still being brought onboard, she says.

In addition, the school’s budget is limited at just R201 million for this fi nancial year.

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