Ufa Declaration

Ufa Declaration

According to the Ufa Declaration, the leaders of BRICS

also discussed issues of common interest on the international agenda as well as key priorities related to further strengthening and broadening intra-BRICS cooperation.

“We emphasised the importance to strengthen BRICS solidarity and cooperation, and decided to further enhance our strategic partnership on the basis of principles of openness,

solidarity, equality and mutual understanding, inclusiveness and mutually beneficial cooperation Ufa Declaration.

“We agreed to step up coordinated efforts in responding to emerging challenges, ensuring peace and security, promoting development in a sustainable way, addressing poverty eradication,

inequality and unemployment for the benefit of our peoples and the international community.

We confirmed our intention to further enhance the collective role of our countries in international affairs,” says the declaration.

All five leaders also stressed that they remained committed to upholding the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and international law.

They added that they would strive to achieve sustainable economic growth through international cooperation

and an enhanced use of regional integration mechanisms to improve the welfare and prosperity of their people.

The leaders also backed the evolution of the internet governance ecosystem,

which they said should be based on an open and democratic process, free from the influence of any unilateral considerations.

They said they were in favour of an open, non-fragmented and secure internet and added that it would

be necessary to ensure that the UN plays a facilitating role in drafting international public policies affecting the internet.

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