Bringing high-quality jeans to 21st-century creatives

Founded as a Swedish-Australian jeans brand with roots in Belgium,

NEUW challenges the binary norms of global denim design and production.

Scan Magazine spoke to Filip Lundqvist, CEO of NEUW Europe,

to explore the brand’s fresh, new, sustainable take on your favourite wardrobe staple.

Inspired by Neuwlandstraat, the Belgian location where the brand was founded, Bringing

NEUW was started by friends Par Lundqvist, Stephen Little and Rich Bell,

who all had a background in denim design, production and marketing.

“We wanted to do something different, and break ground in a new area of denim design,” Lundqvist explains. Bringing

“We figured that there are two general strands of denim design on the global market today:

heritage brands that originated among workers, and fashion jeans

that incorporate trends that swiftly change, thereby advocating over-consumption.

We placed ourselves outside both strands.”

NEUW represents the design philosophy Vintage Revision, which is inspired by the past, while embracing the future.

“We bring high-quality jeans from the history books to the modern and aware 21st-century creatives.

Our FORM products, available in store today, interpret these values into tangible items.

They are inspired by the craftsmanship, detailing and gorgeous fabrics from the heydays of durable denim work wear, Bringing

transformed into modern and highly comfortable jeans for our 21st-century creatives,” comments Lundqvist.

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