Micro-brews, bubbly and a little honky-tonk

Showcasing a rotating selection of Icelandic microbrewery beers, Kaldi Bar has become a haven for those partial to a proper pint.

Head there during happy hour and you can even treat yourself to some Champagne without having to splurge.

Reykjavik has long been notorious for its nightlife, but for those who aren’t after a full-blown night on the tiles,

it will come as some relief to hear that there is a way to avoid all the debauchery.

On the main street, in the middle of all the mayhem, Kaldi Bar has set itself apart as a cosy, no-frills bar with a laid-back vibe,

where punters come to savour some delicious local craft beer.

On any given night, you’re likely to find a mixture of intellectuals, Micro-brews

musicians and arty but unpretentious types spending a low-key evening chatting away over a pint,

while someone tinkles away on the piano left to the mercy of customers in the middle of the room.

Beer lovers rejoice!

“The idea was to open a bar linked to the Kaldi microbrewery, serving all its varieties of beer, where people could hang out and take it easy,”

explains Georg Leite, owner of Kaldi Bar. “We serve beer exclusively from Icelandic Micro-brews

microbreweries and have the largest selection of Kaldi beer in Iceland.

We change the beers on offer regularly, so you can always be sure to try something new and exciting.”

Made according to traditional Czech brewing methods, Kaldi beer has a rich, full taste.

While beer-lovers rave about Kaldi dark, an unfiltered malty beer, Kaldi Bar usually has several beers on tap to choose from.

The knowledgeable bartenders are ready to guide you towards the right one to suit your palate.

Alternatively, you can start making your way through the wellselected and comprehensive wine list, which is also constantly changing.

For more information: ฮานอยพัฒนา

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