Fruitful harmonies from Hardanger

Fruitful harmonies from Hardanger

The apples of Hardanger are known to possess the best balance of sweetness and acidity there is.

Imagine, then, the taste of apples growing in Hardanger’s most favourable spot,

where the soil’s fertility, the sun’s heat and the fjord’s clean breeze come together in a fruitful harmony. The result can only be remarkable.

“You can hardly find a better place to grow fruit than where we are,” says Turid Alice Skjervheim,

owner of Haust Hardanger, and noticeable enthusiast when it comes to everything sweet, neat and nutritious.

Haust’s dried fruit products are, therefore, Fruitful harmonies from Hardanger

completely free from added sugar and preservatives, and provide a healthy alternative to sweet snacks.

“Our dried apple slices are very popular – customers are known to eat a whole bag all at once!”

muses Turid Alice, adding that the long fruit-growing season (added to by the subsequent time spent drying the fruit)

in Hardanger allows for a large range of different apple types and thereby a multitude of tastes.

After harvesting the apples, which are also accompanied by

plums and pears in her own drying facilities, Fruitful harmonies from Hardanger

Turid Alice’s products are neatly wrapped and sold as everything from healthy everyday snack options to party gifts.

Haust is also known to use dried fruit in various pastries and sweet treats,

make chutneys as well as brew special teas from the farm’s fruits, the latter of which is said to help prevent colds and flus.

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