Tales from backstage

Tales from backstage

My theatre deprivation over the course

of the pandemic has led me to lovingly reminisce over the backstage moments of the performances that I have been a part of over the last seven years.

In the 2015 Junior School production of Fantastic Mr Fox, Miss Jones had the joyous activity of wrangling roughly fifty eleven-, twelve- and thirteen-year-olds on the Stahl stage.

I remember it being a fairly taxing task that I did not envy, and I suspect that there was a certain level of regret on Miss Jones’ part for casting so many children in the performance.

I, however, really enjoyed it. I remember bringing my white DSI to rehearsals with me, Tales from backstage

to document the ridiculous makeup we were all wearing – in horrendous quality.

In Mr Burlington’s 2017 iteration of The Lion, The Witch

and The Wardrobe, the most noteworthy backstage instance took place when the cast participated

in the internet trend of the time – the Mannequin Challenge – which really shows how long ago this performance was.

There was also the fun of attempting to rehearse scenes when Ned Frejj was wearing a foam lion skeleton that took up a great deal of the stage.

In my fourth year, I participated in Red, Red Shoes, directed by Miss Jones.

Many people may be unaware of this play, (as was I) but the summary of the play is that it was based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a girl who dances herself to death.

To be quite honest, I was confused about the events of the play, and I was actually in it!

The moment that I recall most specifically was when Tara Boyle and I were playing a song – that Tales from backstage

I do not remember at all – and Tara started singing the second verse’s lyrics as I was singing the first,

leading me to be incredibly puzzled (which was probably obvious by the look on my face).

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