Speed It Up and Slow It Down

Speed It Up and Slow It Down

JOIN US IN celebrating the art of photography at the PSNZ Central Regional Convention

in Taupo from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 September 2021. Our theme highlights

the many technical and artistic elements that we photographers use to create great images.

There are so many ways to Speed It Up and Slow It Down in our photographic work.

Do you want to capture the feeling of speed by slowing the shutter speed down

and panning to evoke the sense of movement? Or capture the height of the action by upping your shutter speed and freezing the moment?

As one of the country’s top sports photographers, John Cowpland knows all about

working at high speed and under intense deadline pressure, making quick decisions about the feeling he wants the image to evoke

and what settings to use. Perhaps you prefer life at a slightly slower pace, taking your time.

Taupo is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the view, to make those beautiful landscape images, long exposures with beautiful milky waters as you look across to the mountain.

Perhaps you like your images to have a more painterly look and want to try impressionism, the art of combining slow shutter speeds with movement,

expressing emotion through photography Speed It Up and Slow It Down.

Both Annette Johnston APSNZ and Eva Polak LPSNZ have this down to a fine art.

If you’re keen to return to where photography started for you, the way it used to

be, you will enjoy listening to Michael Bradley (left) as he tells us about his personal project using wet plate photography.

If you’re a traveller, someone who likes to get off the treadmill of everyday life and escape to another country, see other cultures,

tell stories of other places and times gone by through your images, then Jeremy Bright APSNZ is your man (right).

For more information:  ฮานอยพัฒนา

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