Theo Verney is something like Britain’s (Brighton’s, specifically) equivalent to Ty Segall. He plays and records every instrument himself, for one, at freakishly high levels of aptitude, every sludge riff, cymbal wash and dropout yell.

This is only his second release, but give the guy a chance – he chalks up prolific points in the fact that ‘Heavy Sunn’ follows a 6-track cassette EP from spring, and nothing has been recycled for this 5-track garage rock assault on the 10” THEO format.

But where Verney is most like Segall is in his ability to
be all things to all DIY fuzz fans – a heavy

outrageously psychedelic guitarist (the distorted throbbing flange of the
title track that sounds like J Macis’ instrumental project Heavy
Blanket), a doped up THEO loser

(“Lobotomy, lobotomy, you’re the only one for me” – ‘Lobotomy’), a dreamy skateboarder in the sun (‘Wailing Road’) and a purveyor of sweet, light pop
melodies on ‘Count It Up’. THEO

Often, he jams all of this together in songs that only breach two and half minutes just once (the Led Zep, loud/quiet, almost prog ‘Wake Me Softly’). Verney doesn’t even fall down on the trapping of bedroom recording,
not because the tape hiss is all part of his thing, but because
there isn’t any. Impressive stuff.

For more information: ฝากขั้นต่ำ 50 บาท     

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