Joining the Fun

Joining the Fun

I n a somewhat unorthodox move, Rush Street Gaming, which operates SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia

Joining the Fun Entered the New Jersey real-money iGaming market earlier this year.

Rush Street Interactive President Richard Schwartz explains why the company decided to enter the market and how the decision to invest in developing a proprietary platform has paid off.

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GGB: Why did Rush Street Gaming form an interactive division? Schwartz: We saw other types of commerce across all industries have migrated online—how we shop, how we bank, how we listen to music, watch movies and play video games have all gone online.

We saw what happened with Blockbuster and we didn’t want that to happen to us

We don’t want to be Blockbuster.

We’d rather be Netflix.

Why did Rush Street decide to enter the New Jersey iGaming market? New Jersey was the first legal iGaming market in the United States for casino games with a meaningful population.

We thought it was a natural market for us, given that our SugarHouse property is on the Delaware River bordering New Jersey, and has a significant player base from New Jersey.

Our player base from New Jersey is closer to SugarHouse than it is to Atlantic City

And entering the market early allowed us to develop our product and prepare for future markets. Golden Nugget has been very successful in the last couple of years.

What role does and the other partner, Betfair, play in the success of the Golden Nugget? When it’s reported how successful the Golden Nugget license is, it’s rarely noted that there are three brands contributing to the revenues associated with that license.

We each have separate brands, marketing budgets and operations.

We’ve all been growing very fast, so we think of it as a team effort.

We’ve been very happy so far with the results.

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