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A play on the similarly titled 13th Floor Elevators album, this is a
tribute to both the band and its highly influential frontman.

Aptly featuring a selection of thirteen artists, the record opens with a live
track from fellow Austin psych rockers The Black Angels, backing
by Erickson himself, his harsh bark sharply contrasting the winding,
insectile guitar limbs of ‘Roller Coaster’.

Meanwhile, Dead Meadow positively nail ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, wrenching vocals and all, tapping into the sinister, stomach-churning vibe of the
track and drawing out the murky blues-weighted pace.

Sarabeth Tucek’s eerily sweet take on ‘Splash 1 (Now I’m Home)’ strays the
furthest from its original but is also one of the most poignant covers
on the compilation,

expressing what a diverse body of artists have
been influenced by Erickson.

Cutting a gangly figure looming over his machines, Ross Birchard gains his street cred through his pimp daddy MC,

who sprays the crowd with exploding noises and ‘word up mo’ fuckas’ at will.

The smooth lounge room vibe of ‘ Ice Viper’ adds a touch of class, even though it does sound like it’s been lifted from a 70s porn film.

Bedroom tweakings like ‘Twistcliploop’ are catchy, but the mixing is clumsy and lacking the polish of the recorded version,

supporting an overall feel that, to compete with class masters likes DJ Shadow and Yoda, Hudson Mohawke needs to up his game.

Now the band and audience are in unison as we are brought low to the floor for a communal love-in and brought back up for one final flourish of Masai-like leaping, chanting and dancing. Artists

It’s clear from this that a Californian band who have never set foot in Africa aren’t just plundering the depths of world music to be knowingly edgy or different, but because it’s so enjoyable – for them and for us

For more information: หวยฮานอยพิเศษ

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