Becoming Elektra by Mick Houghton

According to Iggy Pop, Jac Holzman, the man responsible for bringing The Doors, The Stooges, Tim Buckley and Love to the attention of the world,
treated his bands gently and dressed like a mod.

He also built Elektra, one of the most original and influential record labels to come out of the 1960s.Houghton

Becoming Elektra tells the story of the extraordinary label against the broad backdrop of an extraordinary time.

As well as drawing on interviews with the movers and shakers who played key roles in helping Holzman build his label,Houghton

Mick Houghton’s book has been revised and expanded to include contributions from Holzman himself and the Doors’ drummer John Densmore.

Houghton’s comprehensive research is quite something.

When he’s not acting, writing plays or involved with his non-profit Purple Rose Theatre Company, Jeff Daniels, it turns out, has his guitar in his lap
and a Western twang on his tongue. Houghton

With four fulllength records and two live albums released over
the last 12 years, Daniels’ folk- and comedyinspired tracks have the accomplished appeal of a country fete headliner or a free CD with a Sunday

Part singer, part stand-up, he walks a delicate line between semi-serious lyricism, comic timing and unexpectedly solid musical ability.Houghton

“I’m not the first celebrity who thinks he can sing and get away with it,” he admits on ‘Jeff Daniels Live and Unplugged to Benefit the Purple Rose Theatre’ before picking his way into the tongue-in-cheek wit of ‘If William Shatner Can, I Can Too’ and ‘You Can Drink An Ugly Girl Pretty’.Houghton

Elsewhere, monologues about lyrical inspiration shift from Harley-riding preachers (‘Wicked World’) and production assistants

(‘The Newsroom’) to that time he played the villain in Clint Eastwood’s ‘Blood Work’ (‘The Dirty Harry Blues’).

Daniels’ amiable takes on blues, folk and bluegrass might feel like a fishing weekend with dad – him pulling out a battered acoustic after a few beers and riffing on Bobby Day’s ‘Rockin’ Robin’

to some campfire jokes he’d never say in front of mum – but in a world where Jennifer LoveHewitt can release four albums,

it’s cold comfort knowing that he can at least play guitar in his musical punch line.

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