Sunflower Bean

(lucky number) It wasn’t that long ago that Sunflower Bean were being talked up as NYC’s coolest young band. Given the musical delights that forever pour out of that city, it was quite the accolade. Bean

Sure, they were never going to win any awards for originality, but there was a certain frisson to the songs that made up their debut album, ‘Human Ceremony’, even if it sounded a little one paced for a group allegedly in thrall to Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and The Velvet Underground.Bean

There’s even less rock and roll on follow up ‘Twentytwo In Blue’, for the band have raided an entirely different era for inspiration; specifically, the soft rock of AM radio and the big Fleetwood Mac songbook.Bean

The glam-lite stomp of ‘Burn It’ is a pleasant enough opener but then
‘I Was A Fool’ and ‘Twentytwo’ hover into view,Bean

both of which see bassist and singer Julia Cumming channeling her inner Stevie Nicks on what could be long lost ‘Rumours’ session tracks.

The glam returns briefly on ‘Puppet Strings’ and ‘Human For’ before you’re thrust back into the MOR fog.Bean

There are a few gems to be found here – ‘Any Way You Like’ is a gorgeously
sweet little ballad, while closer ‘Oh No, Bye Bye’ is a charmingly wistful sign

Avery shacked up in his East India Dock studio, creating the lithe, artful
techno that’s quickly becoming his hallmark.

Weatherall calls it “gimmick-free machine funk of the highest order” and it’s a comment that speaks to the craft and consideration invested into every

Avery’s proven he can play to the red-light techno crowd as much as he
can nod to shoegaze or effortlessly incorporate ambient.

In that sense, reducing ‘Drone Logic’ to ‘dark techno’ (however
well meaning) does it a disservice considering it’s set the foundations for him to deviate once again.

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