Perfume Genius is not a support act – that much becomes
remarkably evident tonight.

Hearing the incessant chatter of some 600 people waiting for Wild
Beasts to come on, merged with the stark piano chords and fragile
whisper of Mike Hadreas is a rancid concoction.

However, once positioned front row and away from the bulk of the crowd, what starts off with disaster

written all over it soon transforms into a remarkably intimate and sincerely poignant performance.

His face convulses and contorts with unease and angst, as the words squeeze out the corners of his twisted, pursed lips.PERFUME

It’s almost as though he is fighting himself, such is the magnitude of the emotion on display.PERFUME

Performing with (presumably) his partner, there are moments shared between them, PERFUME

even sharing the same piano at times, which are endearing and moving, some of which are nothing short of breath-taking.

The emotional connection is almost tangible in his voice and yet simultaneously almost lost in the vast space of the venue. PERFUME

What may have been lost on ninety percent of the people there was extraordinary to us remaining ten.PERFUME

After gnawing away at such a small detail, however, it’s time to take a step-back and look at the big picture.

I’m watching one of the most unique bands in the world play in London’s best venue.PERFUME

Wild Beasts are a perfect mirror for their surroundings; a recently discovered and restored archive that reminds you of a different time, but
is definitely a product of the here and now.PERFUME

Tonight the crowd greet new single ‘Albatross’ with the same fervour that welcomes old favourite

‘Hooting and Howling’, and the band seem relieved to be on home-turf and playing to an audience that has found them and holds them dear.

This is probably why it all seems a little too comfortable. There has been
development, sure, but yet they’ve somehow managed to stand still.

But, then, if you’ve had crowds shout “weird” at you for nearly ten years
and now you’ve got hundreds in the palm of your hand,

it’s tempting to plough the same turf and provide an easy slam-dunk as Wild Beasts do tonight.

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