As children of the 80s, Violens have instant appeal, sounding like just
the kind of band Ducky from Pretty in

Pink would front if he wasn’t busy being the sober foil for Charlie Sheen in Middle American sitcoms.

Coming on like a Duran Duran flashback, the foot shuffling niceties of ‘Full Collision’ are pounded by a jarring ending, Violens

while ‘The Dawn of Your Happiness’ is a shimmering gladioli-ridden pop

Singer Jorge Elbrecht inhabits his hairbrush fantasies with swaggering charisma, moving from Depeche Mode to a psychedelic take on an Aztec
Camera warble for

‘Violent Sensation Descends’, before the sinister turn of title track ‘Amoral’.

The static flurry of ‘Another Strike Restrained’ is Violen’s most modern track, “modern” meaning sounding like a thrashier New Order. Violens

Thing is, nothing’s quite the same the second time around.

“I don’t see it as hiding, though that is of course one way of looking at it, but I think if you tell something through a character, or through a very synthetic sound, it gets even more intense, Violens

you boil it down to the only thing that’s needed to know or say. Violens

Sometimes I just want very exact words – to use as little as possible to say something big. I like it when something is very clear, direct. Violens

For me, it’s facts, it’s like reading a map, which I like.

I think a lot of things are so complicated around us, so it’s nice when something is what it is.

When I wrote the lyrics for the Fever Ray album… It
was six months in my life when I had been at home with a screaming baby.

In Sweden, you are very isolated when you become a mother, it’s like, now must stay at home. Violens

Then, after six or seven months I went to my studio, and when I look back on it, it’s about that paranoia you get from being at home all of a sudden – you’ve had all the people around you,

your friends, just disappear.

In Sweden it’s not such a social life, it’s cold most of the year, you don’t meet
people outside, you’re outside just to run to your car or run into the supermarket or something, and the summer is so short, about two weeks, and the other fifty weeks are cold.

I think people are very lonely. And the second kind of isolation, when you become a mother, you’re just thrown into some kind of biological mess all of a sudden. As a feminist,

everything is about gender construction, and then you meet people from these mothers healthcare institutions,

and they deeply believe that all female humans are born just to raise and breastfeed children! And that was a huge shock the first time, I had lived a very free life before then,

I had been playing music, but you’re not expected to go back to work,

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