The Three Lives of the John W. Brown

The Three Lives

She was born in rhe dark days of World War II.

Her firsr cargo was arms for rhe Sovier fo rces beleaguered in Sralingrad by rhe German Wehrmachr in are 1942.

The Sovier army prevailed and srarred rheir drive wesrward, which in anorher rwo and a half years broughr rhe Russians ro Berlin.

She also served in rhe liberarion oflraly and France, rhen, ar war’s end, came back ro New York ro embark on a new mission.

The j ohn W Brown’s second career began in December 1946 when rhe vessel was loaned ro rhe Board of Educarion,

The Three Lives of the John W. Brown Ciry of New York, ro serve as a floaring maririme high school.

For 36 years, rhousands of high school srudenrs srudied and worked aboard her learning and pracricing.

the maririme rrades-acriviries rh ar preserved rhe ship in an operarional condirion.

In 1982 the Board of Educarion rerurned her ro rhe Mari rime Adminisrrarion.

Efforrs to save the Brown had begun back in 1978 when a seminar on Liberry ship preservarion was held aboard the the nschoolship.

Wirh the backing of the Narional Maritime Historical Sociery , a group was formed to work toward saving the john W Brown.

Vhen her career as a schoolsh i p ended, the group, called Projecr Liberry Ship, had been unable ro find a home for the ship in New York.

They could only warch as she was rowed ro rhe Reserve Fleer in rhe Jam es River in July 1983.

Bur rhe Projecr’s volunreer sraff had accomplished imporranr sreps ro support rhe furure preservarion of rhe ship.

Alaw was passed in Congress rransferring ride of rhe Brown from rhe Maririme Adminisrrarion ro Proj ect Liberry Ship.

The Three Lives of the John W. Brown She was enrolled in the Narional Regisrer of Hisroric Places,

The Three Lives making her one of the few Narional Regisrer ships.

Perhaps mosr imporranr, rhis small group was able ro grow and keep alive rheir dream of saving rhe ship.

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