Ghost Outfit

As soon as it begins, ‘I Want You to Destroy Me’ is an album that
wrestles to find a true personality amongst all its sonic carnage. Ghost

The opening triplet of songs rage between old blasts of Sonic Youth
and Gun Club, No Age and Japandroids,

but while undeniably coated in a layer of precarious and
occasionally malfunctioning TNT, it struggles to add depth to the rich
lineage it places itself amongst. Ghost

As the band reach ‘Words’, things alter altogether and while the coherence
of thematic consistency is still absent,

it suddenly morphs itself into a quality rather than a drawback.

By the time they spew out the monstrous ‘Kiluhs’, they have reached a new plateau, once again. Ghost

The album stutters and jolts as frequently as it surprises and delights – it’s draped in unpredictability and while it comes with some

frustrations, the blindfolded journey is largely a thrill.

Bond they did. Not long after Kip, Peggy, Alex and drummer Kurt had formed the band, there were the early releases of

‘This love is Fucking Right!’ and a self-titled EP, released on Painbow in 2007.

Next came the split single with The Parallelograms (‘Kurt Cobain’s
Cardigan’) before their debut album earlier this year on the persistent Fortuna Pop label.

One cannot refute the presence of the spirit of Mr Cobain,
echoing with hook-laden resonance, throughout TPOBPAH’s
songwriting –

“I first heard of The Vaselines through Kurt Cobain championing them,”
recalls Kip.

“I feel that I would never have started along this road if it wasn’t for Kurt
Cobain – you know when you’re 14 and you still think Lenny

Kravitz is cool? No, no, no! – if you were really into music, you would be listening to The Vaselines.

Kurt Cobain was great at writing pop melodies, and melding them against a noisy and abrasive sound.

It made us want to push a little further, and while I wouldn’t say we do it
that way,

we like the idea of pushing pop outside of the traditional ‘pretty song’

When a song is a bit off, it makes it sound more emotionally intense.”
Kip continues:

“In terms of our lyrics, I guess we draw on personal experience. ‘Young
Adult Fiction’ (from the album)

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