Equipping students

Equipping students for the future of craftsmanship

Den jydske Haandværkerskole (The Technical College of Jutland)

has provided young people with some of Denmark’s best vocational training since 1928.

Despite its long and proud history, the college is focused on the future,

ensuring that its students are as well-equipped for their trades as they possibly can be,

with apprenticeships, smart technology and creativity as central components of every course.

“It is tremendously important for us to work with real-life businesses and manufacturers so that we can continue to educate in line with or ahead of the times,”

says plastics engineer and teacher Troels N. Pedersen.

“Industry and manufacturing are undergoing a new revolutionary change.”

The development of smart technology and big data, known as Industry 4.0, is seen as the fourth large wave Equipping students

within industry – on a par with the development of robots for manufacturing in the last century.

“There’s great potential in these changes that our students can benefit from – it’s all about the right approach and attitude,” says Pedersen.

The Technical College teaches four main disciplines: carpentry, electricity, HVAC

(heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and plastics manufacturing.

Some courses focus more on placements and some more on traditional academic learning, Equipping students

but all spend a great deal of time in the laboratory encouraging innovation and challenging students.

All courses teach technology programming and promote interdisciplinary work.

“Industry is seeing a change from international outsourcing to insourcing, to the places where the experts are, Equipping students

so it’s important that we have them,” says Pedersen.

Today, it is crucial that students gain a good understanding of the whole manufacturing process.

Whereas the tendency has been towards standardisation for decades, we’re seeing this turn quite rapidly,” he continues.

“Consumers are looking for something individual,

something different from everyone else, and trends in many areas are accelerating into shorter and faster production cycles to keep up.

This necessitates creativity,

great teamwork and a thorough understanding of new production methods on behalf of the manufacturers.”

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