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A feast for the senses

Öland’s Hotell Borgholm is particularly famous for its tasty cuisine by renowned chef Karin Fransson.

With her exceptional culinary skills and creative flair, she has built a Michelin-star temple of gastronomy.

The beautiful island of Öland is a popular tourist spot in southern Sweden, especially during the warm summer months.

But there is more to this destination than sun, sea and sand.

It has an appealing mix of fantastic nature,

interesting heritage and contemporary culture.

Take for instance Hotell Borgholm in the picturesque town of the same name.

This traditional inn, dating back to the mid-1800s,

has developed into a modern gastro hotel that attracts enthusiastic foodies all year around.

“Our restaurant is a hotspot for gourmets from all over the world,”

says owner Owe Fransson. A feast for

“The combination of high quality, long tradition and creativity brings life to our cuisine.

We have lots of returning guests throughout the year, which is fantastic and great evidence of their trust in what we can offer.”

Great taste at the core

For 25 years, Fransson has been running the hotel while his wife, A feast for

award-winning chef and food author Karin Fransson, has overseen the restaurant.

She is one of Sweden’s culinary superstars,

known for her love of herbs and spices,

and continues to develop the gastronomic concept with local specialities and nothing but amazing flavours.

The restaurant was awarded a welldeserved star in the Michelin Nordic Guide last year,

and Hotell Borgholm is also listed in the White Guide as one of the country’s best restaurants and wine cellars.

Karin Fransson herself is somewhat of a celebrity chef, appearing regularly on TV and radio,

and has received prominent awards such as the Swedish Gastronomic Academy’s gold medal,

Werner of the Year and the Grand Food Prize by the respected food magazine Allt om Mat.

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