The best fish in sea

The best fish in sea

There might be more fish in the sea, but none as good as the one you will find on your plate at Klassisk Fisk at the heart of Aarhus.

Nominated as Denmark’s best seafood restaurant, the French seafood and wine bar is quickly following in the footsteps of its popular sister,

Klassisk 65, as one of the city’s most popular and praised restaurants.

Though Klassisk Fisk only opened a little over a year ago, the restaurant has already become the go-to place for seafood lovers in Aarhus.

The restaurant, which was co-founded by the owner of Klassisk 65, The best fish in sea

Søren Andreasen, and Sasha Steenfath,

was recently nominated as Denmark’s best seafood restaurant as well as Aarhus’ best gourmet restaurant.

“We are very proud to be nominated by Den danske Spiseguide (the Danish food guide) as Denmark’s best seafood restaurant.

I think it’s partly because of our relaxed way of approaching the seafood concept, which makes everyone feel at home.

A lot of people think that seafood has to be something terribly fancy, but that’s not us,” stresses Steenfath.

The broadminded approach is also reflected in the restaurant’s varied menu, The best fish in sea

which boasts dishes such as pan-fried plaice and potatoes as well as seafood platters at prices accessible to most (main courses around 200DKKR).

All Klassisk Fisk’s dishes are prepared in an open kitchen from where chefs communicate freely with guests.

Waiters often sit down to talk to people and explain what kind of fish is being served and why.

But though the atmosphere is relaxed and open, the room, an old pornography shop completely renovated by Steenfath and Andreasen,

gives a spacious and elegant impression, attracting fine diners, families and foodies alike.

“We have a very mixed clientele: everything from Americans here on business to local families and foodies from Copenhagen.

We don’t have stiff white table cloths and silverware, but the room is very beautiful,

and we do have a lot of visitors who dress up to come here and enjoy a special night out – and all our guests leave happy,” Steenfath assures.

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