Gin with a legacy

Gin with a legacy

Since 2011, Sundbytunet brewery and distillery has been producing bespoke

Norwegian spirits and beers, using traditional methods and the finest ingredients.

Based on a farm in Jessheim, an hour outside of Oslo, Sundbytunet brewery and distillery set up shop Gin with a legacy

with an eye on modernising a farm that goes back seven generations, while still keeping traditions and local values in mind.

“From being a farm that has focused on grain production since the 19th century, Gin with a legacy

the distillery and brewery both show how we have evolved the production of grain to suit modern times

by brewing delicious beer and distilling unique and thirst-quenching gin,”

explains farm owner and entrepreneur Kjersti Romsaas Sundby.

The resulting gin packs a punch with its 44 per cent alcohol content, Gin with a legacy

and is refreshingly dry with hints of juniper, aniseed, coriander and citrus flavours.

The whole distilling process happens at Sundbytunet, with everything being distilled, tapped and packaged at the family farm.

“We make sure that everything is processed here so that we can guarantee excellent craftsmanship and great flavours,” says Sundby.

Though the distilling process is as handcrafted as it comes,

product distribution is far from local, spanning across Norway through four national wholesalers.

“We’ve been very pleased to see the business keep growing over the past eight years – against the tide, some would say,” Sundby explains.

To keep up with demand, the distillery and brewery has recently added

a new brewer and seller to its growing team, and has plans to expand further in order to reach more customers.

While doing this, Sundbytunet remains true as ever to its local roots – offering people

in the area great home-brewed beers and refreshing spirits to accompany the food at its on-site gastro pub, called Gulating Pub.

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