Culinary traditions

Culinary traditions at modern Tjuvholmen

Fru K wants to bring Norwegian culinary traditions back to life, with a modern twist.

With Norwegian top chef Kari Innerå handling the knives, the restaurant is fast becoming the culinary hotspot of Oslo.

The new neighbourhood of Tjuvholmen, a peninsula at the tip of Aker Brygge,

has become the prime example of bold contemporary Norwegian architecture.

In the heart of it all lies the newly opened hotel The Thief, the flagship of Norwegian hotel tycoon Petter Stordalen’s chain of hotels.

The Thief is his most ambitious project yet, intending to provide a curated hotel experience.

And so is the independent hotel restaurant, Fru K.

Head of communications Siri Løining Kolderup explains that The Thief and Fru K aim to be the Culinary traditions

heart and soul of Tjuvholmen and to add life and character to the area previously seen as the business quarter of Oslo.

“The hotel creates a pulse on the peninsula, and the restaurant was designed with the locals in mind.

Together I believe they form a very strong brand, Culinary traditions

and we attract a broad variety of international and domestic guests, locals and business clientele.”

The Thief is the first Norwegian hotel to have made it to the Condé Nast Traveller HOT LIST 2013,

and Kolderup believes it is down to the fact that they dared to be ambitious.

“We have curated a hotel experience and tailored our experiences.

It is typically Norwegian to desire to please everyone, but we wanted to focus on offering something new and different.

Tjuvholmen has become a centre of culture and art with the best to offer when it comes to galleries, museums and restaurants.”

Fru K is the only restaurant in the area to base its entire menu on Norwegian produce.

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