Culinary ambitions

Culinary ambitions and local appeal

With a combination of high-quality menus, home-baked bread and a flexible catering service,

UNICO Restaurant and Catering has transformed the image of a golf club restaurant.

Located at Aarhus Golf Club, ten minutes from central Aarhus, Culinary ambitions

the restaurant attracts a broad mix of golfers, families, travellers and businesses.

Founded in 2010, UNICO came into being through its founders’, Rune Aaby and Anders Udengaard, unswerving dedication to good food.

“We wanted to create a place where everything was homemade and of a high quality, but at the same time approachable for everyone,”

explains restaurant manager Aaby. “We might be located at a golf course, Culinary ambitions

but actually the golf players constitute just a small share of our guests.

We have a great part of the local businesses among our regulars, and, as time has passed,

we have expanded our clientele to include families and young couples as well.

We are not snobbish; people like to come here because of our familiar and calm atmosphere.”

Before setting up their own restaurant, Culinary ambitions

Aaby and UNICO’s kitchen chef Anders Udengaard were colleagues at Prins Ferdinand,

one of Aarhus’s best gourmet restaurants.

The couple had high ambitions for their new place from the beginning.

They wanted it to be not just a restaurant but also a bakery and a catering service.

Today, UNICO’s slow-rise sourdough bread has become a staple in many households, and, every weekend, Culinary ambitions

locals flock to the golf club to collect freshly baked breakfast rolls.

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