Dr Watson steers

Dr Watson steers

About three years ago the Road Accident Fund (RAF) was mired in serious administrative challenges.

According to the RAF’s CEO, Dr Eugene Watson, the agency had to deal with fraud, corruption,

collusion among stakeholders such as medical and legal practitioners, poor performance and too many strategies.

Finances were in disarray, qualified audit reports from the Auditor-General were common and staff morale was at an alltime low, he added.

Then Dr Watson and his team developed a five-year strategic plan that defined

the agency’s mandate, which ushered in an exciting phase for the organisation.

That period was also defined by an annual performance plan, which specifically set out what the organisation had to achieve Dr Watson steers.

Having a clear mandate was a turning point for the RAF.

“We wanted to have an organisation that is efficient, excellent and cost-effective and makes the lives of road accident victims better,” explained Dr Watson.

“The first thing we did was to clarify what our mandate is. We are not a law firm, we are not an insurer, nor are we not an administrator.

We are an entity of state that is the consoling arm of government.

“Our first and foremost objective is to make the lives of victims of car crashes better.

We help them at a time when there is a great deal of pain and suffering,” Dr Watson pointed out Dr Watson steers.

The RAF is an agency of the Department of Transport and is responsible for providing all users of South Africa’s roads with compulsory cover against injuries or death arising from accidents involving motor vehicles.

“Our role is to compensate and rehabilitate people affected by car crashes where there has been wrongdoing.

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