John Coles

John Coles

He started work as an Estate Agent in Peterborough, mainly with agricultural properties.

Then followed 2 years at College in Bournemouth where he qualified as a Chartered Surveyor.

He joined Edward Bailey and Son in Newark, initially working as an auctioneer at Newark Cattle Market.

He became a partner and then also took on the management of rented property.

In 1982 the firm was taken over and he stayed for 1-2 years before joining 3 others in setting up a new

firm in Nottingham where he practiced until 1994 when he teamed up with a friend, Chris Butterfield, an accountant.

They set up a company called Evenbrook Properties. After many months of trying,

they raised a large loan to enable them to buy a portfolio of rented properties from Nationwide Building Society when it became a bank.

Over the years Evenbrook has developed into one of the UK’s leading

Build to Rent private rented property businesses – letting John Coles

and managing around 600 residential properties and a 660 bed student campus at their urban village development in Handsworth Green, North Birmingham.

 Once John was invited to an “Away-Day” by Saville’s at a marina on the Hamble. In order to save time, he hired a helicopter and landed nearby.

He had a great day after which the other guests made their way to a pub in Itchen.

Wondering how to get there, he returned to the helicopter and the pilot flew him there, landing in an empty car park.

Being a good law-abiding citizen John bought a pay-and-display ticket which he stuck on the helicopter. Later they flew home.

A few days later, he received an irate letter from the chairman of the parish council asking why he had “parked”

the helicopter in the car park – John wrote back explaining that there was nothing on the noticeboard at the car park banning helicopters,

and anyhow he had bought a ticket!! Rugger has played a large part in his life – 1st XV at school, at College John Coles

and later he played rugby for Peterborough RFC 1st XV and also for some time organised a team of OPs to play

in the Peterborough sevens. He played for Newark Rugby club for many years and was President in 2020.

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