The School Year

The School Year

The Upper and Lower Sixth Form were housed in separate

parts of a marquee, instead of the usual common-room-inhouses setup.

This space has provided a year wide common room and while it’s taken some adapting to, it has become a popular addition to campus (not least because of the coffee machine inside).

As the year groups have had to be separated, each year groups’ lessons remained in the same part of school;

for example all the Upper Sixth lessons were conducted in the Modern Foreign Languages section of the Pascal block,

and the Mem Hall was repurposed as a dining room for the third and fourth form.

Full school chapels became impossible so each year group has had to have one service per week, each on different days The School Year.

This might not seem like a big change but in the chapel services themselves:

everyone was socially distanced with 4 or 5 people to a pew, face masks were worn throughout and, worst of all, there was no congregational singing.

The assemblies moved online, with the Headmaster recording them and pupils watching it in their more frequent tutor time.

Unfortunately, Covid restrictions led to the cancellation of many fixtures and events.

However, it did bring about many new events such as girls’ house rugby and football,

 a touch rugby and hockey match against Ampleforth and an outdoor remembrance service in which the whole school gathered for the first time in over 6 months.

Concerts and drama productions were moved online with the most significant loss being that of the Christmas carol service where students watched

the online service from the comfort of their homes rather than that of the Minster.

As we returned from the Christmas holidays, we moved again to on-line learning.

Despite remote learning being challenging for the staff and the pupils, everyone has pulled together.

The teachers have done an amazing job, and had to put in extra work to adapt their lessons from in person to virtual.

For the pupils, we have missed the camaraderie of classes and seeing our friends in person,

but we are glad we are still able to enjoy the range of extra-curricular activities St Peter’s offers, alongside our lessons.

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