The School Year

The School Year

Perhaps one of the most important life skills we will

ever use at business or in our personal lives is negotiation;

 and yet we very rarely, if ever, take an opportunity to understand or even practise it.

But since September, and with many people working and schooling from home,

there has been a growing number of Old Peterites and current school pupils who have been putting this right.

 They have been joining Philip Brown (The Rise 1990) CEO, Founder of The Negotiation Club in practising their skills online through Zoom.

A super engaging, fun and highly effective format has been created and is growing

in popularity that is making the development of this skill far more accessible than at any other time.

“… a really time efficient way of conducting such sessions. Even without the Coronavirus restrictions this format seems effective for delivering skills.

I like the fact it had a clear start and finish time and did not need travel.

While it might not be super sociable, it means I could fit it in between dinner The School Year

and kissing the kids goodnight! Where I thought Phil’s session was good was that while we had the security/credibility of knowing the participants were all Old Peterites, it had the diversity of ages, occupations and locations.”

 David Powell (1996). “Having virtually no experience in negotiation I found the presentation and the techniques that you demonstrated most interesting, informative

and fun and I would expect that those in the last year of schoolparticularly those with a business interest – would

find participation in the webinar interesting, stimulating and rewarding.” Kenneth Wilson (Oldest OP to take part at 90 years!)

As you will have seen, this year we are continuing to support OPs and pupils with more fun TNC Taster sessions

but we will also be running a FULL Practical Practice Workshop in May 2021 with

a donation for each participant going towards supporting bursaries at St Peter’s School.

For more information: ฮานอยพัฒนา

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