A continuing commitment

A continuing commitment

Throughout the years, Dr. Haslina and her team have

been providing vitreoretinal care in other parts of Malaysia.

One of her more unforgettable postings was working at Hospital Umum

Sarawak from early 2018 to February 2020, which was halted due to the pandemic.

 She and her team worked there every four months in 2018 and then once every three months from 2019-2020. The monthly visits were rotated between ลาวสามัคคี

Dr. Haslina and two VR surgeons from the states of Kelantan and Penang.

Another stint that gave her great satisfaction was providing ophthalmology services in Langkawi, an island in the state with a population of about 100,000.

“Together, with my doctors in the ophthalmology department, we traveled to Langkawi by ferry once a month.

My initial excitement turned to a nightmare when extreme weather caused

me to have severe motion sickness,” she recalled. But that didn’t deter

Dr. Haslina from carrying out her duty. The team started conducting cataract surgeries at the then new Hospital Langkawi

and further increased their services by visiting the hospital for three days every three weeks.

“We screened students for refractive errors and adults for cataract for three consecutive years.

The high volume of cataract surgeries that were performed there at a regular interval managed to decrease waiting time for cataract surgery,

from 10 months to six weeks after each exercise,” she said.

 Dr. Haslina and her team also have outreach programs and work together with NGOs.

“We liaise closely with Rotary Club of Langkawi and they provided intraocular lenses for the poor there.

The last high volume cataract surgeries were done last year in April as a shared project with the Ministry of Education.

More than 80 patients were operated on. “Our team also works closely with Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah.

 The foundation provided a bus complete with equipment and instruments A continuing commitment

for mobile eye screenings for the Kedah state in 2017 — plus full-time staff who have been trained to capture and interpret fundus photos,” she said.

 Dr. Haslina has also initiated a series of courses conducted by World Sight Foundation based in the U.K.

This includes courses on orthoptics, ocular oncology and neuro-ophthalmology that were conducted in a few states in Peninsular Malaysia.

 One area of work that brings her much joy and satisfaction is teaching medical officers (MO)

in the master’s programs, and also servicing the MOs. “I like teaching. To be able to teach and A continuing commitment

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