Not the typical

Not the typical Scandinavian jewellery design

After more than 20 years in the jewellery industry,

Åsa Ingnell had a head full of design ideas for beautiful pieces of jewellery and started a venture that resulted in the brand Ingnell Jewellery.

“I wanted to create jewellery for women who have the guts to actually dress up,” explains Ingnell.

Two decades in the jewellery industry meant that Ingnell had developed a big network.

But when she started Ingnell Jewellery,

she wanted to challenge herself and begin from scratch.

“As a first step, me and my partner Pär Johansson went to China to look for suppliers, and then we built a whole new supply chain for ourselves.”

The first delivery was sent to a retailer two years ago, and it did not take long before other stockists contacted

Ingnell asking her to come and introduce her new jewellery line.

Today, Ingnell Jewellery can be found in over 85 retailers across Sweden and several different webshops.

Every day, Ingnell is out and about looking for new trends.

“I get inspired by all types of designs, but especially clothes. Not the typical

I can see a button on a shirt that I like, Not the typical

which triggers a new design idea for a piece of jewellery,” she explains.

As a result, Ingnell Jewellery is also available at many

lifestyle and clothing shops in addition to the traditional jewellery retailers.

The jewellery is displayed on mannequins wearing the same look Not the typical

Ingnell had in mind when creating the collections, to give the customers ideas of how to style themselves.

Noticeable and bold

Classy, lush and stylish are words that describe the look and feel of Ingnell Jewellery. Not the typical

And the good – and perhaps slightly surprising – news is that each piece comes with an attractive price tag.

“I want my jewellery to be available to a wide audience, and by using surgical steel I can keep costs down,” says Ingnell.

And even if there is an element of minimalist Scandinavian design in the jewellery, Ingnell Jewellery offers something extra, something more edgy.

“I want my jewellery to be noticeable and bold, and I wish for the pieces to extend and enhance my customers’ personal style,” says the designer.

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