Vivianne Baldwin

Vivianne Baldwin

RECENTLY PSNZ COUNCIL members have been looking at subscriptions

and the allowable timeframe for renewing PSNZ annual subscriptions.

In the past we have been a bit generous in our timeframes and each year unpaid members have had until 20 Vivianne Baldwin

May before their membership has been removed from our data base.

All amounts are payable in New Zealand dollars (NZ$) and, for New Zealand residents, include Goods and Services Taxation (GST).

Membership is for the Society’s financial year to 31 December 2018. Invoices will be sent to all members in November advising their subscriptions are due on 1 February 2018.

Please note that a late payment fee of $5.00 applies to all subs paid after 1 February 2018.

On 1 March 2018 an automatic email will be sent to all members who have not paid, ลาวสามัคคี

advising their subscriptions will be suspended for non-payment, if they remain unpaid by 31 March 2018.

Your membership will be recorded as relinquished and this means you will no longer receive communication from the Society.

Print circles The PSNZ mission is to ‘Help Photographers Grow’.

Currently PSNZ members can join a print circle. Lindsay Stockbridge LPSNZ from Whanganui is the coordinator of nine circles.

Print circles help members to improve the art of photography through feedback.

Participants learn how to critique images in a nonthreatening environment

and they help to promote friendship among PSNZ members.

Breaking news – an audio-visual circle! PSNZ is excited to announce that we will support an audio-visual (AV) circle.

This new circle will start next year and will be run by Trish McAuslan APSNZ EFIAP AAPS.

The AV circle will provide a safe site where AVs can be lodged and commented on by members of the group Vivianne Baldwin.

Details are currently being finalised. It will be free to all PSNZ members and members of an affiliated club can join for an annual fee of $20.00. Help expand our circles If you have an interest in an area of photography

and would like to expand our circles please contact me with a proposal so that I can submit it for consideration to the PSNZ Council.

For example, circle suggestions might be Fine Art Flower Photography, Nature Photography, or Landscape.

These could be run as a Facebook page such as the Travel with Passport. (Contact Lynn Clayton if you are interested in joining this Facebook group.)

For more information:  ลาวสามัคคี

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